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Mike Rojas
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Baltimore MD
Favorite genre of music: Anything with a complex beat.
Personal Quote: "Have nothing but fun"
K, this is in response of polycephallic This dude...dudete...artist.
Check out his/her art.  's'awesome.

1. would you rather have no arms or no legs?
No legs.  I need my arms for drawing, hugging, and stabbing motions.

2. what are your most cherished memories?
The first night I spent with my now wife of 5 years.  Jeez, have we been together for 10 years?

3. most surreal or horrific dream/nightmare you've ever had?
In a dilapidated house, there was a rusty cage and we all were stuck in it.  This girl wasn't really holding us hostage, but she didn't set us free.  She ran quickly to the bathroom and vomited blood into a camo-patterned toilet.  Wiping her tears away, she opened the medicine cabinet to find a parcel wrapped in cloth.  Unfolding it, she recoiled in horror at its contents.  A cobra slit down the middle with three babies inside.  The two lower babies had veins surgically rerouted out of their necks and into the mouth of the third baby.

I miss dreams like that.

4. if you were to time travel, would you go into the future or revert back into the past?
Oh, future.  I want to see what everyone does next.

5. imagine your own pet that were two animals combined together creating a hybrid, what would those two animals be? :D (Big Grin)
A cat-cat.  It would be cat colored with cat fur and a cat insides.  The front would be the front of a cat and the back would be the back of a cat.  It would weigh about 20 lbs and love pettings.

Also, Cat.

6. would you ever consider changing your birth name?
I honextly don't care what my name is.  Mike.  Charles.  Grim.  It's all the same.  Just nothing weird like Tiddlywinks Xavier Rojas III Esquire.

7. don't you hate it when a big mystery is never solved?
I LOVE unsolved mysteries.  The best thing in the world is not knowing and acknowledging ignorance.  What is Dark Energy?  Why is matter?  Will the universe rip apart, or is that even possible?

More unknown!

8. weirdest coincidence that has happened to you?
Me and my friend hadn't seen each other in about a year.  When we met, we realized we both wore the same make, model, and size of shoes.


9. would you befriend the elephant man?
Sure, if he's a swell enough guy.  If all he does is talk about how terrible his life is, tho, I have no patience for that.
Either shut up or do something about it.

That said, I wonder if he has a hanker'n for weird fiction.  Love me some weird fiction.

10. name something that bothers you to no end?
People who complain about stuff, but offers not debate or solutions.  All they do is belly-ache.
It's moaning.  Stop moaning and put a little effort into your complaints.  Jeez.

Huh. I gotta ask 10 questions too, for the next guy?
I don't know how to tag people, so this is for whoever.

1.  What's your favorite comic? (Web, book, or otherwise)
2.  How long can you stand to be in a quiet room?
3.  In Pathfinder or RPG terms, how much experience points are you worth?
4,  Who was the last person you told a personal secret too? (you don't have to name names, just how do you know them?)
6.  What is the first thing in your life that your remember?
7.  What's the first thing you would grab if your house were on fire and you needed to evacuate?
5.  How could you do that to your mother?
8.  You and a bear become friends.  What adventures would you go on with it?
9-  What's your favorite death scene in a movie, show, or cartoon?
10.  What do you desire to see tomorrow?
  • Mood: Humor
  • Listening to: HPPodcraft
  • Reading: Child of Doors
  • Watching: you through the window
  • Playing: Euro Truck Sim 2
  • Eating: Toothpaste
  • Drinking: blueberry tea

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In truth, I'm keeping an eye out for more updates to Another Dimension, of which I snuck a copy from Gurochan before it died died died.
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I know about Guroch.  As for life?  Bleh. Life always gets in the way of living.  Good luck, man.
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